About Us

First Mutual Properties is a real estate company that creates value through the development and management of properties in major towns of Zimbabwe.

First Mutual Properties is a Zimbabwean stock exchange listed property company investing in prime properties in the major towns and cities of Zimbabwe. Our portfolio comprises about 117 250 square metres of lettable space made up of office parks, retail shops, commercial and industrial space.

As of November 2016, the property portfolio was 121,000 square metres, valued at US$136,555,000 with buildings now 43 properties, and the landbanks of 621,235 square metres as follows

  • 2,230 square metres commercial land,
  • 253,844 square metres office park land,
  • 240,664 square metres of mixed used land and
  • 126,727 square metres residential land.

The company owns 41 built properties across the major cities and towns of the country. These include office parks, retail space, high-rise commercial buildings in central business districts, industrial/ warehouse space and suburban shops.

In addition, the company owns residential trading stock of three – two bedroom garden flats on a land area of 1 923 square metres in Avondale, Harare.


To be the dominant and best performing real estate company in Africa.

Mission Statement

To preserve and maximize stakeholder value through innovative real estate solutions.


  • Integritywe are true to self and true to others
  • Accountabilitywe take responsibility for our actions
  • Professionalism we display expert competence in the way we do business
  • Sustainabilitywe believe in continuance and preservation for future generations
  • Carewe show concern and seek the well-being of all our stakeholders
  • Innovationwe strive for creativity and relevance to our market