Who is First Mutual Properties?

A: First Mutual Properties is one of the largest property companies listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE). First Mutual Properties was formed following an amalgamation of eight property owning companies, the company was listed on the ZSE just a year later, in 2007.

The company is involved in the investment, development and trading of properties. In addition, First Mutual Properties also offers property management service.


Is First Mutual Properties involved in any community development projects?

A: The company dedicates two percent of its annual profits to a range of corporate social responsibility efforts. “We make a lot of contributions to disadvantaged members of our community. Recently the company was involved in the capacitation of a primary health care facility in one of the lower-income areas of Harare.  The business is also involved in community development projects like provision of basic requirements to children’s homes, clean up campaigns and tree planting projects. As a corporate, we have a responsibility towards the community and we lend a hand whenever we can”.


How does your company manage its relationships with customers?

A: First Mutual Properties prides itself in ensuring service excellence in the management of its portfolio of properties. All tenants are equal and deserve the best service to enable them to operate efficiently in their respective business lines. The business has different operating strategies that ensure tenant satisfaction and these are on-going. Some of the strategies include having a manager and a building caretaker, for every property, dedicated to supervise and ensure excellent functionality of the building at all times.


Is the business considering going "green" with its properties?

A: Companies are increasingly looking to ‘go green’ and operate in a manner which minimises environmental impact. Although there has not been too much of a push towards a green agenda in Zimbabwe so far, it is a route First Mutual Properties has begun pursuing. It’s something we are looking at. We have been in touch with the South Africans and are aiming to become a member of the Green Council of Zimbabwe.